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Activate your energy metabolism

Gain energy and maintain performance

For a successful Basica® Energy Diet, it is important to boost your body's energy metabolism because acidosis can stress it so that the energy production in the cells itself is harmed. The activity of the enzymes - the “tools” of our energy metabolism - is influenced by acidosis. As a consequence, this reduces the performance.

Alkaline minerals have a positive influence on metabolism

By consuming more alkaline minerals, the body’s buffer capacity can be increased. Thus, excessive acid can be neutralised and at the same time, the acid-base balance stabilises again. The consumption of alkaline minerals also affects carbohydrate metabolism. On the one hand this has a positive impact on energy metabolism in the cells and on the other hand it supports the body’s own energy production.

How to support and boost your metabolism

Physical activity boosts metabolism. A brisk walk, climbing stairs instead of taking the lift, or cycling are ideal activities that can be incorporated easily into everyday life. Making yourself sweat from time to time is good for circulation.

Drink at least 2 litres of mineral water, unsweetened fruit squash or, if you prefer, fruit or herbal teas every day. High fluid intake is necessary to flush out excess acid via the kidneys more easily.

Make sure you take some time to relax every day. Constant stress overloads the metabolism and encourages excess acidity. Breathing exercises, yoga or a relaxing bath help to reduce everyday stress.

Take your time eating because the feeling of fullness takes a good quarter of an hour to kick in. This helps you to avoid eating too much and, incidentally, to learn how to eat more mindfully.

In the morning, prepare a daily portion of fruit and vegetables. This will help you avoid unhealthy snacks if you are feeling hungry.


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