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Basica® Sports


Endurance and energy during the entire performance period

Basica® Sports is a rapidly dissolving drinking powder with a fresh lemon taste used to produce a hypotonic carbohydrate-electrolyte solution with minerals and vitamins. Its specific formulation provides relevant vital nutrients before, during and after exercise: 

  • Before exercise: Maximise your energy reserves!
    Basica® Sports maximises your body’s energy reserves in preparation for performance.
  • During exercise: Maintain your energy levels! 
    Basica® Sports tops up your energy levels to sustain endurance and overall performance.
  • After exercise: Recharge your batteries!
    Basica® Sports replenishes your energy reserves and accelerates recovery with alkaline minerals.

Well-supplied with carbohydrates and electrolytes

Basica® Sports supplies the body with an optimal combination of carbohydrates and electrolytes. Especially during extended endurance training, Basica® Sports helps to maintain performance and also improves the fluid absorption. Carbohydrates in the form of sucrose are quickly absorbed by the body and are rapidly available to the muscles. Basica® Sports fills the body’s own energy reserves before exercise. Maltodextrin is absorbed more slowly and it ensures a steady supply of energy without peaks in blood sugar levels.

Thus, Basica® Sports supports the energy supply to muscles, brain and nerves during exercise. Already during training, the electrolytes in Basica® Sports compensate for losses that result from sweating. In addition, calcium, copper and vitamin B2 support the energy metabolism. This means athletes enjoy endurance and energy throughout the entire performance period.

Speeds up post-exercise regeneration

Athletes lose fluid and minerals when sweating. At the same time, physical effort leads to increased acidity in the metabolism and muscles. This results in declining power and muscle tension, which can increase the risk of injury.

Therefore, especially after intense exercise, it is particularly important to supply carbohydrates* and minerals for muscle regeneration: Basica® Sports supplies alkaline minerals, which can counteract exertion-induced acidosis. Zinc is involved in the regulation of acid-base balance, while magnesium and potassium support a healthy muscle function. In addition, vitamin C and selenium contribute to sustain a healthy immune system.


* During the first 4–6 hours after training, an overall intake of 4 g per kilo of the body weight is recommended.


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