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Acid-base balance

Balanced pH values

Function of the acid-base balance

The acid-base balance is required for the regular run of metabolic processes. To ensure them a stable pH value in the body must be always guaranteed. If acid and bases are out of balance, changes in specific pH values can occur, and the body must expend energy to restore acid-base balance. The more acid-base balance is disrupted, the more the narrow limits of physiological pH range are exceeded, and the system can go off the rails.

Keep pH as stable as possible

The acid-base balance in our body should not be viewed as a rigid system, but rather as a dynamic equilibrium in constant flux. The amount of acid and bases in our body changes all the time, but pH values in the various organs and tissues as well as the blood remain within narrow limits.

Physiological pH value

Every organ and phase of metabolism has its own, optimum pH value.

  • Blood plasma pH 7.35–7.45
  • Stomach acid pH 1.2–3
  • Bile pH 7.4–7.7
  • Urine pH 5–8
  • Saliva pH 6.8
  • Joint fluid pH 7.4–7.8

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