Over 700 testers have confirmed:

Basica® Direct is a turbo energy booster

Over 700 testers have confirmed:
Basica® Direct is a turbo energy booster

Exhausted, tired, unfocused – sounds familiar? Are you always asking yourself “How can I get my energy back?” Lack of energy could be caused by acidosis, triggered by stress and poor diet. Basica® Direct helps to restabilise the acid-base balance through valuable alkaline trace elements. Over 700 product testers tried out the Basica® Energy Diet from 2 to 30 April 2018 as part of the rtv EXPERTS campaign (a survey-platform of a german magazine) and shared their experiences with friends, family and acquaintances.

Noticeably more energy with a balanced acid-base metabolism

Here are the most important results:


90% of rtv EXPERTS would recommend Basica® Direct to others.

Over four weeks of the campaign, participants acting as representatives for the community learnt a lot about acid-base balance and tested the Basica® Energy Diet with Basica® Direct.

 Here is some personal feedback: 

  • “I am truly impressed with Basica Direct. I feel much more lively and full of energy. Postponing tasks was yesterday. Spring cleaning was a lot easier. And afterwards I still felt like doing something else. I am completely satisfied with the result and I have been talking my friends about it. I will take Basica Direct again after the necessary break.” (rtv EXPERT Collin) 
  • “I am totally impressed. It’s so easy to take, I can take it at work, during exercise and when travelling. I feel more awake, vital and active. My family, my friends – they’re all impressed. I have recommended the product to others and everyone, and I mean everyone, is impressed. Thanks so much for this product.“ (rtv EXPERT Regentanz18)
  • “Basica truly is a perfect energiser and I can sleep better. It tastes great and it is easy to take. My husband and son really liked the taste as well. Thank you for letting me take part. I will keep taking Basica. Basica is awesome.“ (rtv EXPERT Andi)


What you see: Energy and new momentum through Basica® Direct – what the rtV EXPERTS have convincingly confirmed is entirely true.


Do you also feel tired a lot? Check it out with our energy test.

Simply to the acid-base test now.

Information about Basica® Direct at a glance

With Basica® Direct, you can help your body and increase your drive and energy. Alkaline minerals and valuable trace elements in Basica® Direct such as zinc stabilise the acid-base balance and support mental vitality.

The contained magnesium helps to reduce tiredness and fatigue and, along with calcium, supports energy-yielding metabolism. Basica® Direct supplies energy and new drive.  

  • Convenient portion sachets to take directly without water
  • Refreshing, natural lemon taste
  • Sugar free, no iodine, lactose or gluten
  • Suitable for pregnant and breastfeeding women

The importance of “overacidification”?

Today’s dietary habits are particularly responsible for disrupting our acid-base balance. Foods rich in protein such as meat, fish, sausage, cheese and dairy products, but also bread and cereal products, form acid in the body.

This leads to the situation that the energy production in the cells is compromised. The reason for this is: The activity of enzymes, the “tools” of energy metabolism, is impaired by the acidosis. Those affected are permanently short of energy and are no longer high-performing. This is often accompanied by concentration problems and lack of drive.

But how to get your energy levels back? “A change in diet is crucial for restabilising the acid-base balance. In the future, incorporate more alkaline-producing foods in your meal plan, such as fruits and vegetables. If you would like to know which foods specifically count as “acid-producing” and which are “alkaline”, then take a look at our food chart.

Anyone who eats a deacidification diet with alkaline minerals will also stabilise their acid-base balance and ensure well-functioning energy metabolism. It is worth taking it over several weeks.


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