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Everything you need for an alkaline-rich picnic

Everything you need for an alkaline-rich picnic

Have you heard? 15 May is the International Day of Families – a wonderful occasion to plan a day out with your nearest and dearest. Our tip: a family picnic – with healthy, alkaline-rich dishes of course! In the springtime, after all, when the world outside is blossoming and flourishing, shared meals and games become an unforgettable experience.  

So that you are ideally equipped for your picnic, we have put together handy checklists, recipes, tips and ideas for your benefit. Help yourselves! 

The most beautiful picnic spots

By the water, in the woods, on a green or meadow – as a general rule, you can picnic anywhere it is dry and there is somewhere pleasant to sit.  

We reveal our top five picnic spots for your next family outing: 

  1. The playground: It is not always so easy to find a suitable picnic spot, especially when you live in a city. Our tip: Look for a larger playground near where you live! The advantage is that the site is usually lush and green and offers children – and grown-ups – plenty of opportunities for fun and exercise between bites to eat. 
  2. Woods & meadows: Do you know a public green in your neighbourhood or a picturesque spot where you can pitch your picnic tent, so to speak, under a canopy of leaves? Splendid! As well as offering a comfortable place for eating and drinking, a green is also ideal for playing badminton, boccia or tag.

    What do we find so appealing about the idea of a picnic in the woods? The invigorating forest air, the smell of the trees, and the many plants and animals to discover for big and small alike.  
  3. The boat: Electric boats, motor boats, pedal boats – the choice is yours. There are many boat hire places out there offering suitable vehicles for organising a little family picnic on the water. We recommend: In addition to the essentials on our to-pack list, bring a towel, trunks and swimming costumes! 
  4. The beach: Naturally a highlight – the beach picnic. If you can arrange it, try to get there nice and early, or else late in the afternoon. That way, you might get to experience the sunrise or sunset on top of the unique beach vibes. A special experience for the whole family! 
  5. The living room: Yes, your eyes are not deceiving you! You can have a family picnic even when the weather is bad. Just lay out the picnic blanket in the living room and voilà – the fun can begin. With healthy snacks, the right music, suitable decorations and a deck of cards, you can have a cosy picnic spread in the comfort of your home.   
What to pack?

Our checklist!

So that you do not leave anything important behind – here is our list of picnic essentials:  

  • Picnic basket: Whether you use a picnic basket or a picnic bag is not so important. But: specially designed picnic baskets often come with integrated cutlery, plates and cups, making them particularly practical. Moreover, the very sight of a brimming picnic basket is enough to get people in the picnic mood.  
  • Picnic blanket: Of course, you can take an ordinary blanket with you on your family outing. But to protect you from the cold and potentially damp ground, specially coated picnic blankets are more effective. Another advantage they have is that instead of having to wash the blanket after use, you can just wipe coated materials clean.  
  • Alkaline-rich finger food and tasty little dishes: Ideally, keep them in sealable snack boxes! And: healthy is always better. We have listed some of our favourite recipes further below to inspire you – including alkaline-rich picnic classics. So that you remain in holistic balance even after the family meal.  
  • Cutlery & serviettes: Preferably, bring your cutlery from home or your own special picnic cutlery. Try to stay away from plastic knives and forks – for the love of the environment! 
  • Drinks: In glass bottles or personal drinking bottles and perhaps even in your own cool box. 
  • Drinking glasses or cups 
  • Entertainment: Games, a football, boccia balls or a kite – pack things to have fun together as a family! 
  • Sunscreen for adults and children 
  • Rubbish bags so that you leave no traces 
Picnic recipes:

Our favourites

For healthy picnic classics that go down a treat, two things are particularly important: 1) They must be able to be eaten cold. 2) And they must be easy to pack. This makes salads, bread rolls, finger food and dishes/desserts in a glass perfect picnic choices.  

What do we fill our picnic basket with? Here are our favourite recipes:  

Light but satisfying  

Fresh veg & salads  

And something sweet to finish 

Do not forget the drinks! 

Getting enough fluids is always vital and something to watch out for on warm spring days. So make sure you pack enough water! And adding Basica Instant drinking powder with orange flavour will do more than just enhance the taste. Basica Instant drinking powder enriches drinks with additional nutrients such as zinc, magnesium, chromium, vitamin C and vitamin B. So that your body remains in balance!  

Freshly pressed juices deliver an extra vitamin boost. On particularly hot days, we recommend homemade ice tea with refreshing lemon.  

Well? Are you in the mood now to pack your picnic basket and get out there? With our tips and suggestions, you will be well equipped in any case. We wish you a glorious time with your family!