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Interview with Anna-Maria Stiefel

A new balance with Basica ®

The world is spinning faster and faster, and at the same time, many people are sensing a growing need for inner balance. That is because our body is like a set of scales – and wants to be brought into balance. As early as 1926, Basica® knew that our acid-base metabolism plays a role in our well-being and inner balance. Today – some 100 years later – this realisation is all the more important for modern everyday life and is gaining ground thanks to the traditional brand’s new promise: Basica® for inner balance!  

Anna-Maria Stiefel, Brand Director for Basica®, talks about the new direction the brand is taking and explains why now is the right time for the traditional brand to reinvent itself. 

Basica has reinvented itself. But what does that mean?  

Anna-Maria Stiefel: We can look back on almost 100 years of history and tradition. Essentially, we are the inventors of the acid-base theory. You may have heard of Ragnar Berg, a Swedish nutritionist who was the first to recognise the important role the acid-base balance plays in human health. Almost a century ago, he systematically analysed the alkaline mineral content of various foods. Determining these values allowed Berg to draw conclusions about what causes metabolic disorders and malnutrition. 

It was Berg’s findings and knowledge that then formed the basis for developing Basica® back in 1926. An advertisement from that year described it as a “mineral compound based on the Ragnar Berg method”. Since then, we have hardly changed the formula, but we have never stopped improving it and adapting it to new trends and emerging needs. And we have also developed more than one Basica®. Thanks to our large product range, you can find the Basica® that matches your individual needs. 

How does the acid-base balance play a role in our well-being and health? 

Anna-Maria Stiefel: Due to an unbalanced lifestyle and diet, excess acids accumulate in our body, for which the body’s own acid-base metabolism must constantly compensate. Our body’s biochemical processes run smoothly only when the enzymes have the right acid-base balance. To ensure our metabolism works smoothly, our bodies require a continuous supply of alkaline minerals, which we get from food (such as fruit and vegetables). This highlights the extremely important role that nutrition plays in our acid-base metabolism and our wellbeing. Sadly, constantly maintaining a balanced diet packed with fresh fruit and vegetables is not always so easy. In the modern world, sticking to such a diet is a challenge. Incorporating Basica® into your diet can help offset these nutritional shortfalls. 

Why was now precisely the right time for a change? 

Anna-Maria Stiefel: Our new brand promise is “Basica for inner balance”. With this brand promise, we aim to address everyone who wants their diet to play a part in supporting their inner balance and their overall well-being. After all, it is not just the pandemic that has really thrown every area of our lives out of whack – from daily routines to nutrition, from family togetherness to work-life-Zoom balance – thus putting quite a strain on all of us. Global stability is also being shaken, and with it our subjective sense of security. When has it ever been more useful, wonderful and meaningful to help people find their inner balance than now? 

What can we look forward to?  

Anna-Maria Stiefel: We still have one or two surprises for you this year. I am very excited about them, and I am sure you will enjoy them, too!