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Rituals for a relaxing daily routine

Rituals for a relaxing daily routine

To cope with our fast-paced everyday lives, experts agree that we need structured daily routines to remain in balance despite all the jobs we have to do.  

Rituals play an important role here. They give structure and support to our days.  

Establishing small but effective habits not only provides us with more stability and assurance, but strategically placed rituals also take us out of our daily treadmill and give us the necessary breathing space. Moreover, these daily routines have a positive influence on our self-image and our productivity.  

In this blog article, we reveal further reasons why rituals are important, what they do for us, and which habits you should establish during the day.  

For more energy and wellbeing

First things first: What do we actually mean by rituals?  

In a nutshell, the daily rituals we discuss here are actions that we carry out every day at the same time. The constant repetition automates our behaviour – and as a result, we not only gain additional energy, but gradually obtain more calm and serenity

Through these specifically chosen routines, we ensure that we actually do things every day that promote our wellbeing.  

Another reason rituals are so popular? They help us structure our day. By means of small, consciously executed gestures and actions, we draw a line under certain segments of the day and mark the beginning of new activities. That is why they are particularly effective in the morning, at midday and in the evening.  

Note: In these daily habits, it is not just about what we do, but even more so how we do it. A characteristic element of rituals is that they are performed consciously and with a sense of ceremony. In short, mindfulness is the key to successfully establishing rituals. 

It generally takes 30 days to incorporate new habits into our everyday lives. After that, the new routine should be firmly established.  

Are you ready to incorporate new rituals into your daily schedule? Be inspired by our suggestions!  

Morning rituals

Why are rituals so important at the start of the day? Right after you get up, they set the tone for your day. If we regularly send the signal to our inner selves in the morning that we are well prepared and reliable in the small things of life, it increases our self-assurance. Furthermore, it positively influences our productivity and confidence for the rest of the day.  

Three effective little rituals that can help us get ready for the day ahead:  

1. Make your bed! 

Plumping up the pillows in the morning and neatly arranging the bedcovers is proven to have a positive effect on our psyche. First of all, we mentally chalk this mini-ritual up as a success. Second, bringing order to our bed sends an important signal to ourselves: The night is over. The new day is beginning. With a few quick hand motions, we create order and structure and assume responsibility for our environment.  

2. Drink water  

Drink a big glass of water right after getting up, and you will see: This self-care ritual makes all the difference.  

It means you are looking after your health right at the start of the day. Just a few mouthfuls of water and you fill up your fluid reserves and stimulate your metabolism.  

A useful tip: Stand at the window while drinking the water, gaze outside and welcome the new day – be aware and mindful!  

3. Breakfast 

After your morning ablutions, you should make time for breakfast. After all, it makes a difference whether you scoff a bread roll on the way to the train station or enjoy it calmly at home with a cup of tea or coffee.  

Consciously taking time for yourself and your own needs leads to greater serenity – including during the day. A small, balanced meal in the morning gives us exactly this feeling – and is healthy to boot.  

4. Sport 

Start your day full of energy: People who add sport to their morning rituals will notice the positive effects not only on their bodies over time, but also on their minds. When we are active early in the morning, we send a message to our inner selves that we are disciplined and energetic and have already accomplished a lot in the early hours. Once people get this ritual going, they never want to do without it. 

5. Shower 

Ablutions have always been an essential part of every culture throughout human history. We can exploit this ritualistic aspect of washing in our daily habits.  

As with every habit that we consciously want to integrate into our everyday lives, the same applies here: Mindful showering is the key to success.  

Our tip is therefore: Make your morning shower into personal me-time! Invest in fragrant soaps, shampoos and body oils, so that it becomes an experience for all the senses! 

Not only will you start the day clean and refreshed, you will also wash away yesterday’s cares. This washing ritual also has benefits in the evening time.  

Midday rituals

At midday – and especially on working days – it is important to consciously interrupt the everyday flow to get in contact with yourself. Midday rituals can facilitate this time-out. The focus here is on small, effective, healthy routines.  

Our suggestions:  

1. Eat together 

Consciously interrupting your working day includes not eating lunch at your desk.  

It is beneficial before eating to pause for a moment and bring the following to mind: “Time to take a break from the world and look after myself. I am providing myself with the energy I need and refuelling my body.”  

Furthermore, studies show that we feel better when we eat in company. When in company, moreover, we generally eat slower and chew more consciously – and that in turn has a positive effect on our health.  

2. Fresh air 

A walk around the block after lunch – that is something you should always make time for. Even a few steps or just a few minutes in the fresh air have positive effects. This ritual is particularly important for people who work at their computer for most of the day or spend their working hours sitting down.  

A little midday walk will get your circulation going again. Round off this ritual with three deep breaths! Then you will be all set for the afternoon.  

Evening rituals

Evening and bedtime rituals can bring the day to a good conclusion. You should arrange this time to be as calm as possible, to give your body the opportunity to get ready for the regeneration phase. Our top three evening rituals:  

1. After-work tea 

Tea ceremonies are fixed parts of the day in many Arab and Asian countries. And in Scandinavia and the UK, the five o’clock tea ritual is famous. With elegant teaware, biscuits and a nicely laid out table, the after-work tea will become a rewarding experience that lets you really arrive when you get home and ensures you leave the working day behind you.  

2. Gratitude journal 

Highly effective at the end of the day: the gratitude journal. In your own little diary, write down three to five things you can be thankful for on this specific day. Not only does this ritual help us focus on the positive, but it also rounds off the day nicely. As a welcome side effect, keeping a gratitude journal has been proven to strengthen people’s resilience.  

3. Bedtime rituals 

Defined bedtime rituals demonstrably improve our sleep quality. As a general rule, the calmer the time spent while going to bed, the more effective the rest phase. In this way, we help our entire body get ready for the night. Various relaxation techniques are great at allowing us to get back in touch with ourselves.  

Our favourite bedtime ritual: a brief meditation. Lie in bed and concentrate only on breathing in and out ... and you will fall asleep in no time.  

For a life in balance

In addition to daily rituals, we can also incorporate weekly or monthly rituals into our lives that will help us find a holistic balance. Regular base fasting, for example, not only reduces the strain on our bodies, but also helps us attain more lightness and balance. Try it out!