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Skincare routine

Caring for the skin

Everybody wants healthy skin and a radiant complexion. But as with so many things in life, skin health depends on two essential factors: time and attention. That’s why having a customized skincare routine is crucial.

This raises several questions: What should effective skincare look like? Which skincare rituals fit easily into an everyday routine? Do our skin’s needs actually change from morning to night? And which small rituals have the greatest effect?

Find the answers in our blog post.

From morning to night

Facial skincare in perfect harmony

Whether your goal is to change your diet, exercise more or keep your skin looking young and fresh, daily rituals are the key to success! That’s because, over time, small daily habits make for big results.

Another advantage of established routines is that once you are used to them, they become second nature, making it exceedingly easy to stick to them.

When it comes to our skin, it’s important to know what our body needs and to adjust our skincare routine accordingly. We therefore recommend that you consult your dermatologist beforehand and invest in skincare products that match your skin type. Doing so means your daily skincare routine will deliver much better results.

We have compiled effective skincare tips that will help you maintain a healthy skin while giving yourself a treat. 

Wash, moisturise, protect

Morning skincare routine

Did you know? Our skin cells regenerate overnight, which is why, in the morning, they are particularly well supplied with blood and energy. The body repairs cell damage and various injuries and compensates for moisture loss overnight. As if that weren’t enough, it builds collagen in our sleep. Collagen is the main component of connective tissue, responsible for stability and elasticity.

After a good night’s sleep, our skin begins the day quite relaxed and slowly starts to produce sebum. For our morning skincare routine, this means that less is more. That’s why it’s especially important in the morning to use very gentle cleansing gels or foams and light, easily absorbed creams and serums. Our primary goal in the morning should be to do our best to prepare our skin for the day ahead.

Wash, moisturise, protect

Morning skincare routine

Important: Use serums and creams with integrated UV protection! Sun exposure is one of the main causes of dry skin and premature ageing.

Here’s how best to prepare your skin for the day:

Procedure: Step-by-step morning care

1. Cleansing
Whether you use foam or gel, a gentle cleanse opens up your pores and removes excess skin particles.

2. Toner
A toner is the ideal way to prepare your skin for the products that follow, as it allows for better absorption of the vitamins contained in serums and creams and, as a result, gives you an even complexion.

3. Serum
A serum is a highly concentrated skincare product that has been enriched with vitamins and nutrients. Because it is a liquid, it is quickly absorbed by the skin’s surface, yielding a pleasant sensation.

4. Eye cream
Special fluids supply the sensitive eye area with an extra portion of moisture. These fluids often also contain anti-inflammatory ingredients to prevent skin ageing.

5. Day creams with UV protection
A light day cream is completely sufficient for your daytime skincare, especially in the warm months. But don’t forget, as we said, SPF is essential for optimum skin protection.

A wellness tip: Weekends are MyTime. Treat yourself to a gentle peeling or a face mask on Sundays after cleansing your face and give your skin some extra TLC. Your mind, too, will get to enjoy a well-deserved break thanks to this mini spa treatment.

A midday treat

Little helpers for in between

At noon, sebum production is in top gear, so there’s no need to moisturise during your lunch break.

But increased sebum production often leads to oily skin, especially on the forehead. Usually, however, the shiny spots are easy to take care of by dabbing with blotting paper and some light powder.

Tip: In the hot summer months, the skin on your face can get hot and flushed. Cooling body or facial sprays offer relief in the midday heat.


Nightly skincare routine

Exhausted by the day’s exertions, our skin is weaker and less resilient at night. Now it’s important to support regeneration with a moisture boost.

Night creams are richer and heavier than conventional day creams and supply the skin with nourishing ingredients during the night.

Step-by-step evening care

1. Cleansing
Thorough facial cleansing removes makeup residue and excess skin particles.

2. Toner
Prepare your skin for the treatment that follows.

3. Serum
Special night serums supply your skin with additional nutrients. But be careful: as with all skincare products, your choice of serum should match your skin type.

4. Nighttime care
Rich night creams are slowly absorbed into the skin, supplying it with important nutrients while you sleep. Night care products containing biotin (vitamin H) and retinol (vitamin A) promote a firmer skin texture by helping the skin store moisture as best as possible.

Care from within

We often forget that a healthy skincare routine is not just about what’s on the surface. After all, our largest organ gets its nutrients and moisture mainly from within the body. In short, food is key.

We recommend you eat a well-balanced, alkaline-rich diet and hydrate your body – and your skin – from within.

Tip: We should drink about 2 to 2.5 litres of water a day. That’s a lot. So prepare a jug of water or unsweetened tea, drink it before noon and refill it in the afternoon.

This makes it easy to stay hydrated. And feel free to up your water intake in summer!