The Basica® Story

Closely linked with the name Ragnar Berg

The Swedish nutritional scientist Ragnar Berg recognised the importance of the right acid-base balance in human health already in the 1920s. He was actually one of the first to systematically analyse the alkaline mineral content of foods and, as head of the nutritional laboratory at the German Hospital in Dresden, he investigated intake and excretion of alkaline minerals in patients.

Key knowledge for a healthy diet

Ragnar Berg researched and determined specific mineral levels and thus found out about any interactions regarding metabolic disorders and malnutrition . As a result, he concluded that a healthy diet should contain excess alkaline, primarily from fruits, vegetables and salad. In 1920, Ragnar Berg published his book “Die Nahrungs- und Genussmittel” [Food and Beverages], which has been a standard scientific reference work for a long time. In this book, he was one of the first to summarise the mineral content of food.

Supplementing basic naturopathy

Ragnar Berg’s fundamental studies led to the use of alkaline mineral supplements as adjunctive therapy for a number of diseases. Since then, acid-base balance has been part of basic treatment in naturopathy.

Unified knowledge in Basica®

Ragnar Berg brought his physiological knowledge to the development of the mineral and trace element product Basica®, while Dr. Volkmar Klopfer, the founder of the Dr. Klopfer chemical factory in Dresden, contributed his experience in the processing of minerals. In an advert from 1926, Basica® was described as a “mineral product in the style of Ragnar Berg”, which contains the minerals found in fruit and vegetables and “as a result of its composition, brings about the alkalisation and mineralisation of bodily fluids”. We can find the first mentions of Basica® in medical literature date from 1929. Basica® was recommended for alkalising urine, for example in a special offprint of the weekly medical journal “Die Medizinische Welt” [Medical World].

Market leader with a tradition dating back 90 years

The development of Basica® represented an important milestone even back then. Through its consistent adjustment to the most up-to-date findings in nutritional physiology and the continuous demand-oriented expansion of the dosage forms, Basica® has been the German market leader throughout the ninety years of its existence.


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