Indications and physical effects

Effects of an acid-base imbalance

What happens in the body if its acid-base balance is constantly thrown off kilter? The fact is that each person’s body reacts differently in this situation. However, there are various signs that point to an imbalance. Only when a person recognises these signs can they take action to restore their acid-base balance. Since we care about your overall well-being, we want to help you live life in balance.

Why the body keeps losing its balance

The acid-base balance is subject to entirely natural fluctuations. Mild and occasional variations are therefore no immediate cause for alarm. However, if the body receives too few alkaline minerals over a prolonged period, it is forced to dip into its reserves. Sooner or later, this has a noticeable effect – inside and out. 

Effects on various bodily functions

Prolonged fluctuations in the acid-base balance can have an effect on a wide range of bodily functions. But since the indications are rather non-specific, it can take years to connect them to an acid-base imbalance.

Changes in general well-being

Indications of an acid-base imbalance can take many forms. One of the first signs can be a certain shift in equilibrium. The body “just seems not to be working right”. We feel tired, weak and lethargic and have the impression that we are unable to give our best performance. We become more susceptible to stress and more annoyed by internal and external stimuli, all because our bodies have become more irritable.

In short: Upsetting our acid-base balance affects our mental and physical well-being.

How an acid-base imbalance affects bones

Too much acid in the body can eventually affect bone strength. To help maintain bone strength, it is generally a good idea to follow a balanced diet containing plenty of alkaline-rich fruits and vegetables. This is something we can do now to support bone health for the long term.

Did you know? In countries with populations who eat a high amount of fruit and vegetables and a low amount of animal protein, the bone strength of older people is significantly higher.

How an acid-base imbalance affects connective tissue

If acidity in the body gains the upper hand, it can affect the elasticity of connective tissue – in other words, tendons, ligaments, muscles, etc. Especially when combined with a change in sensation in joints, it can be even more important to increase consumption of alkalising foods

Why? Consuming ample amounts of alkaline-rich foods restores the acid-base balance and thus helps relieve the strain on bones and connective tissue. This can also lead to healthier bones and joints. 

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