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Switching to an alkaline-rich diet

What we eat greatly influences our acid-base balance. Modern diets often include a lot of high-protein foods such as meat and meat products, fish, cheese, eggs, dairy products and cereals, which the body metabolises as acid. This is because among the substances found in protein are amino acids containing sulphur and phosphate, which produce acid when broken down. But you don’t have to avoid these “acid” foods to maintain a balanced diet. What counts is that you also consume enough alkaline foods. 

What makes an alkaline-rich diet healthy?

In essence, an alkaline-rich diet focuses on natural foods that are good for the body. Alkaline-rich foods are packed full of fibre, nutrients and minerals. By aiding the metabolism, they help ensure the body works at its best. 

Fundamentals of an alkaline-rich diet

A good rule of thumb is for half of what is on your plate to be salad, vegetables and fruit. This includes fruit juice and dried fruits. Green vegetables such as spinach or broccoli and starchy root vegetables such as potatoes, carrots or beetroot keep menus varied.

Give up your pleasures? No way! As part of an alkaline-rich diet, keeping your balance can even lead you to discover new pleasures – including things like fresh herbs, exotic spices and seasonal vegetables. Foods that people following an alkaline-rich diet ought to avoid include highly processed items and animal products. It is also better to opt for wholegrain products instead of refined flours.

Another tip: Drinking enough every day helps you maintain your acid-base balance. Here, too, we recommend enjoying variety – from unsweetened fruit drinks to aromatic fruit teas and herbal teas.

Did you know? Many people swear by base fasting. We will show you whether this special variant of the alkaline diet makes sense and what to consider.

Basica® is a helpful complement to an alkaline-rich diet

It can be challenging to eat enough alkaline foods at every meal. With alkaline minerals and trace elements, the body can neutralise excess acid and stabilise its acid-base balance. 

Practical: Basica® is available in different dosage forms, so you can find the Basica® that perfectly matches your needs and your life: tablets, powder to dissolve in water, ready-to-take granules, or granules to stir into meals. Learn more about each of our products.

Alkaline-rich diet – how it works

How can I follow an alkaline-rich diet? In what situations is an alkaline-rich diet particularly important? What is an alkaline-rich diet good for? Our online magazine features all kinds of interesting facts about this topic. Also, why not try out all our alkaline recipes? You will see that an alkaline-rich diet not only tastes good, but also is good – for you and your inner balance. 

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