Neutralise your body with Basica®

Acid-base balance finally restored

In order to deacidify, the body needs alkalis, e.g. in the form of alkaline minerals in the diet or from the body’s own alkaline-producing systems. Therefore, enzymes that regulate the acid-base balance are available. An important element here is zinc supplied by Basica®. In addition to an alkaline diet, Basica® supports deacidification and supplies energy and new momentum.

Too much acid makes it difficult to break down fats when dieting

It is makes sense to consume alkaline minerals in particular during a diet since then more acid (known as keto acids) is produced through the break down of fat. Too much acid can make it difficult so that you do not lose weight only very slowly or not at all (diet crisis). The acid-base diet supplies plenty of alkaline minerals and trace elements.

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