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alkaline diet

Excess alkaline ensures a successful diet

To achieve long-lasting success with the Basica® Energy Diet, it is important that your daily diet has excess alkaline. As a general rule 50% of your daily nutrition should consist of salads, vegetables and fruit. This also includes fruit juices and dried fruits.

Basica® supplements a sensible alkaline diet

If you do not manage to eat a sufficient amount of alkaline foods with each and every meal, it makes sense to take Basica® for an additional supply of alkaline minerals. Thus, your body can neutralise excessive acids and stabilise the acid-base balance again. Basica® is available in various dosage forms so that you can choose the one that suits you best: Tablets, powder soluble in water, granules to take directly or a granule to stir into food. You can find more information about Basica® products here.

No need to avoid acid-producing foods completely

Acid-producing foods should be reduced in an alkaline diet, however, you do not need to give them up completely. Just be aware that all foods rich in protein are acid-producing such as meat, fish, cheese, bread and cereals. That is because protein is made up of amino acids that contain sulphur and phosphate, which creates acid when they break down.


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